Helen has written two books on Mindfulness, designed to help both Kids and Adults lead a more mindful life.

Benny and Bella Meditate. Mindfulness for Kids

A friendly family of bunnies share their mindfulness practice with readers, be they kids, their parents or teachers.

The book blends techniques and tools for kids to get used to another way of tackling daily life, while becoming more embodied, rather than needlessly being swept away by their thoughts. They will hence better manage stressful sensations, and soothe episodes of anxiety or distress.

Price: 14€ |  Published: 2018

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Mindfulness. The magic of the moment

A simple and very practical manual to live ‘here and now’, the only moment that truly exists. An opportunity to learn how to be present in any situation. Through short and practical insights, this book proposes simple ways of being mindful in everyday scenarios, which help us to step out of automatic pilot, the cause of stress, anxiety and depression.

Price: 12€ |  Published: 2016

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