Mindfulness for business

Helen works with companies, business schools, off-site training concerns and individuals to bring Mindfulness into the workplace and their corporate culture. Her approach to teaching Mindfulness in these settings is greatly influenced by her own extensive corporate experience.

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Benefits of Mindfulness at work

Handling distractions

When interruptions literally sabotage one’s capacity to concentrate, Mindfulness helps us focus again and again, and it does so effectively and promplty.

Managing stress

When the stresses and strains of everyday life and information overload become too much, they might well feel intrusive and generate stress; knowing how to administer oneself short repeated doses of Mindfulness, leads to a sense of being more level-headed.

Communicating mindfully

When stress becomes a way of life, communication loses out. Mindfulness contributes towards a more effective communication, because when we feel calm in the midst of turmoil, we are more able to cope and flourish.

Benefits of Mindfulness Mindfulness at work

How to introduce Mindfulness into the workplace

One of the best ways to introduce Mindfulness into the workplace is via a live presentation on how to practice mindfulness, and why.

The session should be both informative and experiential, and would ideally include a few basic practices which the participants can then take home with them. These introductory workshops can be adapted both in format and duration, and can be used to gauge if there might be any further interest in organising a more complete training.

A presentation can last anywhere between 90 minutes and a whole day, and companies can choose whether to organise the training on or off-site.

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The main business case for Mindfulness is that if you are fully present at work you will be less prone to distraction, more effective, and better at making decisions.

The question is how to embed Mindfulness in the workplace to significantly increase employee focus, performance, resilience and wellbeing. Helen’s courses and workshops teach executives and employees alike how to:

  • Practice daily applications of mindful training to cultivate mental and physical resilience
  • Engage the mind’s innate capacities to enhance business acumen
  • Become more comfortable with uncertainty and adversity by allowing space for authenticity
  • Meet and initiate change skillfully by learning how to access inner wisdom and connect with others
  • Recognize unproductive patterns, both within themselves and in workplace interactions, and learn how to respond more effectively

Begin your mindful journey with an immersive one-day workshop on the foundations of workplace mindfulness. Other options available.

Participants will learn the fundamentals including how to:

  • cultivate focus
  • handle distractions
  • manage stess
  • listen and communicate mindfully
  • be more effective, productive and innovative

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